Focus on the Important Things in Life

Focusing on the Important Things in Life: Staying Healthy

We’re celebrating National Staying Healthy Month in January! January is a great time to pause and consider the good habits that enable us to stay healthy. Staying Healthy is one of the many themes being commemorated across the nation this month, and it is one we think is worthy of not only thought, but action. So, how can you remain healthy, so you can continue to feel energetic, do good work and live a full life?

Encouraging a healthy diet: Healthy eating, both for ourselves and our families, is actually not that hard. We know this, but we get lazy. Some easy adjustments include drinking more water and avoiding sugary drinks, eating fruits and vegetables every day, and finding ways to make favorite dishes healthier by adding healthy ingredients.

Exercise: Oh, that! Even the athletes among us may have sloughed off on exercise during the holidays, and there’s no use in crying over spilt milk. It’s quite all right to ease yourself back into exercise. Start with a short daily walk, take your children to the playground or park, or do some easy exercises while you’re waiting for the bus. Park your car farther from your destination and walk that distance. Stairs are also a great way to burn some of those holiday calories.

Mental Health: Health is not just physical; it’s mental, too. While life is often stressful, there are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves and our loved ones. When you feel frustrated or depressed, take a break and step away from what’s bothering you. Getting away from the grind, even briefly, often allows us to see the situation in a more positive way. When you see your loved ones overstressed, remind them that life is about finding the good—and the search should be fun! We hope you have a healthy and fruitful new year.