Internship Applications Now Open

Interested in a career in healthcare? Apply for an internship

Students: Interested in a career in healthcare? Consider applying for one of our Summer Internships. Applications open April 1. This year's program runs  July 11 - August 19.

Designed to provide college students with an immersion experience, the program gives you the opportunity to explore various health fields while shadowing experienced providers as they treat patients. Whether you're interested in becoming a nurse, a physician, a physician assistant, or a physical or occupational therapist, this internship allows each student the chance to witness the unique aspects of each professional role.  

Emphasis in the six-week program is placed upon musculoskeletal health, focusing on conditions affecting the bones, muscles, and joints. Students learn some basic anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and have the chance to present case studies during weekly conferences with each other in guided, group learning sessions.

Throughout the program, teamwork is emphasized and professional collaboration is explored in weekly team conferences.  And, we can be flexibile with scheduling to allow for summer school and work commitments -- enabling you to complete their hours within the program's designated time frames and still get the most out of this unique opportunity.

Prerequisites for the program include an interest in a career in the medical field and one completed year of college education.

Learn more and download an application here.

Good luck with your studies and we hope to hear from you soon!