JOF 2019 Summer Students Loved Their Healthcare Immersion Experience

• “[HIP was] an excellent opportunity to view all levels of orthopedic care.”

• “The most significant thing I learned while watching the doctor/patient interaction was how important it is to understand what the patient is asking or wanting to know.” 

• “A great program if you want to try and figure out where you want to work in the medical field.”

—Comments from JOF summer 2019 HIP students

The informative short films screened at the Second Annual Canes Film Festival & Gala in early November 2019 were the final projects of the five college students enrolled in this past summer’s Healthcare Immersion Program (HIP). The six-week program is designed to provide the students with an opportunity to explore various health fields while shadowing experienced local clinicians, called preceptors, as they treat patients.

Some 20 preceptors shared their knowledge and experience as nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

The 2019 summer students included:

• Andrew Foster, a rising sophomore at Occidental College in Los Angeles, hoping to pursue a career in orthopedics;
• Pilar Gibson, a senior at Hampton University in Virginia, majoring in biology, wants to get a master’s degree in physician assistant studies;
• Kyueui Kim, a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, currently volunteering at a hospital, working at a clinic, and planning to become a healthcare provider;
• Ava Schwartz, a rising junior at the University of Rochester, majoring in biochemistry with a minor in psychology, she is interested in how orthopedics relates to sports medicine and exercise science; and
• Thomas Webb, a photojournalist in the healthcare field, now pursuing a career in medicine; he plans to attend medical school at the University of Southern California next fall.

HIP 2019 coordinators were Jacob Geier, B-Sc, and Kathleen Geier, DNP, NP.