Maggie Macy: Her Own Story

Maggie Macy has gone from student to star -- first a JOF intern and then on our staff as our Summer Intern Program Coordinator. Now a nursing student at Sacramento State University, she recently shared her experiences in the California Nursing Students' Association newsletter.

Here's her article. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Bones, Joints, and Points

By Margaret Macy
3rd Semester

Three years ago, I was in need of 100 hours of experience in the medical field to gain those elusive points for admission into Sac State’s nursing program. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jackson Orthopaedic Foundation (JOF), a nonprofit based in Oakland whose goal is to improve the lives of people with musculoskeletal conditions through education, research, and service. This organization is a collection of nurses, NPs, PAs, and MDs that offers professional education on orthopedics in primary care and offers free patient workshops. JOF has also been a part of many clinical trials and research studies and, lucky for me, offers a summer internship for college students who have an interest in the medical field.

For one summer, I had the amazing opportunity to shadow nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and physicians in multiple orthopedic outpatient centers across the Bay Area. It was exhilarating to dive into such a specialized area of medicine. I was exposed to many different orthopedic conditions, was able to have clinicians teach me the basics in interpreting X-rays and MRIs, and was even able to shadow an ACL reconstruction surgery.

My journey with JOF did not end after that eventful summer because I was hired as the Intern Program Coordinator for the following two summers to help run the program. This last summer, I supervised eight interns with interests in various medical professions including physical therapy, nursing, physician’s assistant, orthopedic surgeon, OB/GYN, and osteopathic medicine. Each week these interns were able to shadow many different medical professionals like physical therapists, occupational therapists, RNs, nurse practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, radiologists, and podiatrists in various outpatient centers in the East Bay Area. Each week, the interns, the program supervisor (who is an NP) and I would meet to debrief and learn a new skill.

Some of those skills included auscultating a blood pressure, use of medical equipment seen in orthopedics like splints and braces, auscultation of heart and breath sounds, and one workshop where each intern got to apply and remove an arm cast. What started out as a journey to receive 100 hours of experience and points for admission turned into a vital part of my nursing life. I look forward to continuing my relationship with JOF and helping the Oakland community as an RN in the future!

You can learn more about JOF and their intern program here.


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