Meet Our 2017 Preceptors

Meet our preceptors

Preceptor:  Noun, an instructor; teacher; tutor.

Our summer intern program is in full swing – our university students are learning about career options in healthcare by shadowing some of the finest clinicians in the Bay Area. What you may not know is that our preceptors – the professionals who guide our students – actually volunteer their time to help us fulfil our educational mission.
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank them. Our intern program wouldn’t be the same without their generous donation of time and expertise:

JOF 2017 Summer Intern Preceptors



  • Melissa Allen, NP, Spherical Medical Group
  • AJ Benham, DNP, NP, San Francisco Multi-Specialty Group; Holy Names University
  • Kathleen A. Geier, DNP, NP, Spherical Medical Group; Webster Orthopedics
  • Sophia Stewart, NP, Spherical Medical Group
  • Katie Whitesell, NP, Spherical Medical Group


  • Kimberly Hicks, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Joshua Richards, MD, Webster Orthopedics
  • Kevin Roth, MD, Webster Orthopedics
  • J. Theodore Schwartz, Jr., MD, Webster Orthopedics
  • Peter Slabaugh, MD, Webster Orthopedics


  • Joel DePaoli, PA-C, Webster Orthopedics
  • Shawn Lies, PA-C, Webster Orthopedics
  • Josef Maier, PA-C, Webster Orthopedics


  • Matthew Lee, MPT, Webster Wellness Center


  • Elizabeth “Liz” Sakaldasis, MA, OTR/L, CHT, CAE


  • Andrew “Drew” Smith, PhD, Motion Analysis Research Center, Samuel Merritt University
  • Stephen W. Hill, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, Motion Analysis Research Center, Samuel Merritt University