New Research Publication: September / October Journal of Orthopedic Nursing

Are Nurse Practitioners Prepared To Treat Common Musculoskeletal Conditions?

Another joint publication by our Education principals Drs. Kathleen Geier and AJ Benham, publishing the findings of a pilot study of the readiness of the current nurse practitioner population to address musculoskeltal issues in a primary care setting.

Musculoskeletal disorders are among the most costly and debilitating chronic medical conditions, comprising up to 60% of outpatient office visits. Although access to orthopedic care is diminishing, studies reveal that primary care physicians are inadequately prepared to manage musculoskeletal problems. JOF's pilot study indicates that nurse practitioners also lack adequate preparation to manage musculoskeletal problems in primary care, but their skills and confidence improve with focused musculoskeletal training. More research is needed to assess knowledge gaps in the wider nurse practitioner population and to develop strategies for increasing musculoskeletal training at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

For the complete report of Jackson Orthopedic Foundation's study, please click here to read the full article in our site's Research section.