Our Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips

JOF's Top 10 Holiday Health Tips

We're all in high holiday gear at the moment, from shopping to celebrations - but many of us are suffering pain from injuries and added stress on muscles, bones & joints that the festive season can bring.

Not to worry -- our Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips - easy things anyone can do to make sure the season is truly bright. After all, health is the best holiday gift of all.


Our Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips

1) Park & Walk: When doing your holiday shopping, head for the farthest parking spot and take advantage of the opportunity to add a little walking here and there when you can.

2) Stoop, Don't Lean: Don't lean: learn to properly pick up heavy objects using your legs and abdominal muscles. Pull heavy items toward you before lifting from the trunk of your car.  Hold them
close to your body with abdominals taut as you carry. Squat to liftitems from the floor rather than bending from the waist. If balance is an issue, get help.

3) Ladder Safety: Don't be a hero when it comes to hanging those holiday lights - take care when using a ladder or step ladder. Position the ladder properly and make sure it's in good enough condition for the job. Follow manufacturer's safety labelling or
instructions to the letter.

4) Rain Could Mean Pain: In all the hustle and bustle you may not even notice how rain can make decks and steps slippery. A little mindfulness about what's underfoot can go a long way to saving you from injury.

5) Exercise without Working Out: Use any chance you get to work in a little movement - a stroll after dinner, walk to visit a colleague instead of sending an email, take the stairs instead of the escalator, take a stroll in the airport instead of just sitting at
the gate. All contribute to your health without making you go out of your way.

6) Healthy Gifting: Put a Fitbit on your holiday wish list - let friends and family know that good health is the best gift of all.

7) Bag the Baggage: Decide honestly if you can hoist that suitcase into the overhead bin safely and easily. If not, check it - a little extra fee today will save you pain and suffering on your holiday and beyond.

8) Take Driving Breaks: Hitting the road this holiday season? Take a break at least once per hour that you're on the road. Get out of the car in a safe location and stretch, do toe raises, squats and move your arms, neck and shoulders. You'll stay limber and alert - and be able to enjoy your holiday more.

9) Flex While Flying: Many of us sitting for long periods, such as on holiday flights, are at risk of DVTs (deep vein thromboses), the formation of blood clots in our leg veins. Remember to get up occasionally to walk to the end of the plane and back, and/or flex your legs and toes frequently in your seat. Walking and calf exercises reduce DVT risk because leg muscle contractions compress the veins and pump blood up towards the heart.

10) RICE is Nice: If you do have a fall, you might sprain or strain something. Remember to RICE - Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate - your injury. Seek treatment if you experience severe pain, cannot put weight on the injured joint, if your injured area looks deformed, if you experience numbness, or you cannot move the injured limb or body part.

Wishing you happiest and healthiest of holidays!