The Perfect Valentine's Gift? Information

Happy Valentine's Day

To many of us Valentine’s Day is a time for romance and candles. But for nearly half of all adults, it’s just another day coping with painful muscle, bone and joint conditions. Some challenging trends to consider:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions are reported by US citizens more than any other health condition – nearly half of all people over 18.*

  • Bone and joint disorders account for more than a half of all chronic conditions *

  • Arthritis is not just a disease of aging. Two-thirds of Americans with arthritis are under 65.**

  • About 54 million Americans have osteoporosis and low bone mass, placing them at increased risk for osteoporosis. Studies suggest that approximately one in two women and up to one in four men age 50 and older will break a bone due to osteoporosis.***

Help is available. The first step is to get information. We’re happy to share some basic facts about musculoskeletal health here. Additionally, if you or a loved one are coping with arthritis, our friends at the Arthritis Foundation has a great Living With Arthritis section on their website, including treatment options, pain management, diet and more.

Likewise, the National Osteoporosis has helpful information on risk factors, detection, nutrition, exercise, prevention and more.

So this year, if you or a loved one is coping with painful orthopedic conditions give the gift of information – and ultimately better quality of life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



*United States Bone & Joint Initiative
** Arthritis Foundation
***National Osteoporosis Foundation