Orthopedic Primary Care: Lower Extremity & Inflammatory Conditions

This course covers common lower extremity and arthritic/inflammatory conditions commonly seen  in primary care settings.  Content includes:


  • Lower extremity anatomy in relation to hip, knee, ankle, and foot dysfunction
  • Components of a focused lower extremity history and systematic physical examination
  • Demonstration and interpretation of specialized maneuvers for differential diagnosis
  • Indications for diagnostic imaging and other tests for lower extremity conditions
  • Identification of common stable hip, knee, ankle and foot fractures
  • Identification of orthopedic emergencies requiring immediate referral
  • Development of evidence-based treatment plans for common lower extremity conditions
  • Principles for self-management of common hip, knee, ankle and foot conditions



  • Details of the H&P pertinent to evaluating arthritic/ inflammatory conditions
  • Formulating differential diagnoses based on findings of the H&P
  • Recognizing arthritic/inflammatory emergencies requiring immediate consultation
  • Developing evidence-based treatment and self-care plans


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