Orthopedic Primary Care: Spine, Metabolic Conditions & Imaging

This course covers spine and metabolic conditions commonly seen in primary care settings. Content includes:


  • Spine anatomy in relation to pain and dysfunction
  • Pathologies contributing to spine disorders
  • Components of a focused spine history and systematic physical examination
  • Special tests used to evaluate spine complaints and form differential diagnoses
  • Indications for diagnostic imaging and other tests used to evaluate spine conditions
  • Recognizing “red and yellow flags” associated with spine conditions
  • Identification of spine emergencies requiring immediate referral
  • Development of treatment plans based on etiology and persistence of spine conditions
  • Self-management of common spine conditions based on etiology and persistence


  • Components of a thorough medical history pertinent to metabolic bone conditions
  • Recognizing metabolic bone emergencies requiring immediate consultation or referral
  • Relating physical findings to differential diagnoses in metabolic bone conditions
  • Evidence-based treatment plans for commonly encountered metabolic bone conditions


  • Identification of gross musculoskeletal anatomy on imaging studies
  • Identification and description of fractures on x-rays
  • Selection of appropriate imaging for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions

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