CANP 2017

Sponsoring & Presenting Again This Year in Burlingame

Jackson Orthopedic Foundation is once again proud to be a sponsor of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners' annual Education Conference, held this year in Burlingame in the San Francisco Bay Area: March 16-19.

JOF Presentations at CANP

Dr. Kathleen Geier and Dr. A.J. Benham will be giving no less than five presentations over the course of the conference.  Some will be updated repetitions of last year's offerings, back by popular demand for those of you whose schedules kept you from attending last year.

  • Musculoskeletal Injections in Primary Care: Upper Extremity - Workshop demonstrating intra-articular and trigger-point injections in the focus areas. (Saturday, 2p)

New this year will be:

  • The Painful Shoulder Part I: Clinical Evaluation - A Sherlockian approach: guaranteed to unravel the mysteries of even the most painful shoulder. (Saturday, 8:45a)
  • Elbow, Wrist & Hand: Physical Evaluation & Treatment - A detailed review with a focus on diagnosis through patient history. (Saturday, 10:15a)
  • Precepting: What's In It For Me - A frank discussion of the pitfalls and opportunities of mentoring in the age of social media. (Sunday, 10:15a)
  • The Painful Shoulder Part II: Common Acute and Chronic Disorders  -  Dr. Watson approved identifications and rehabilitations of Sherlock's findings. (Sunday, 11:45a)

Last year's JOF presentations were among the liveliest and best attended at the conference.  Come early to get a good seat.

Jackson Orthopedic Foundation Networking Break: St. Paddy's Day, 10:15-10:45a

Join us on Friday morn for a cup of Colombian Cheer With Mr. Bone Jangles, your see-through barista.   He'll be pouring it strong and hot to help keep you alert and happy through the morning slide shows and afternoon workshops, and hopefully bank some perkiness going into the evening's traditionally bibulous festivities.  No, sadly, there will not be caffeine buffers beyond the usual cream & sweetener on offer.  The Jameson's jello shots will have to wait.  But there will be plenty of green breadstuffs scattered about and blarney on offer as appropriate.

Continuing Education with Jackson Orthopedic Foundation

Please do check out JOF's other offerings more more in-depth, hands-on exploration these and other topics:

  • Orthopedic Primary Care: Our full OPC curriculum.  +250 CME hours over 28 weeks with 6 weekend workshops.
  • Orthopedic Certification Review: common musculoskeletal conditions and appropriate nursing interventions.
  • Internships: Open to high school graduates and college undergraduates interested in exploring career options in care-giving.

See you in Burlingame!

We are looking forward to meeting and re-connecting with you all this year.  Please do come join us for a chat at our sponsorship events and after our presentations.

Follow this link the CANP site for more detailed information and to register for this year's conference.