Health Professionals

Since our founding in 1999, our goal has been to raise the standard of care of orthopedic patients in the San Francisco East Bay and beyond. Our goal is to raise the profile and priority of nonsurgical musculoskeletal health with local hospitals, schools and the general public, while encouraging a collaborative, multidisciplinary care model in ortho community. 

We believe that the future of effective care lies in maximizing professional cooperation and collaboration, while minimizing the traditional silos and competitiveness that block progress. We approach this in several ways:

  • Professional Education: We’re proud to introduce healthcare professionals to the basics of musculoskeletal theory and the latest information on clinical practice guidelines in our courses. We are authorized to provide Continuing Education courses to nurses; we will soon also be authorized to provide Continuing Medical Education courses to physicians.
  • Patient Education: We work to educate patients: through our free community classes, we help local residents with bone and muscle disorders understand their conditions and explore their treatment options.
  • Research: Our aim is to find new and important paths to improved care, and we are eager to participate in research that identifies best practices and new treatments for nonsurgical musculoskeletal care. Our research work has ranged from surveying medical practices to assess knowledge and confidence in addressing common musculoskeletal disorders to studies of specific surgical techniques and pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Internships: We’re proud to attract talented young people to the field, offering our summer internships and scholarships to those seeking exposure to a potentially rewarding career.