In the late 1930's, when the specialty of Orthopedics was only 40 years old and total joint replacements were a futuristic concept, an orthopedic practice was opened in Oakland, California by Dr. Douglas Dickson. He and his young partner, Dr. William S.T. Jackson, treated deformities, trauma, arthritis and other orthopedic conditions.

As the practice grew, Dr. Jackson's dedication to advancing orthopedic science led him to become a specialist in breakthrough surgical technique.  He performed one of the first total hip replacement surgeries on the West Coast in the late1960's, on the leading edge of this modern revolution in patient care.

Dr. Jackson and other dedicated colleagues in his practice also felt strongly that the future of orthopedic medicine would depend on groundbreaking arthritis research. Together, they devoted years of study and clinical trials to finding alternatives to joint surgery and improvements to the quality of life for their patients.

In the late 1990's as Dr Jackson neared retirement, his partner Dr. Mac Reynolds recruited him to chair a group of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, research specialists and members of the community to form a non-profit center dedicated to arthritis research and patient education. They named the organization Jackson Arthritis Center in honor of the man whose work had inspired them as professionals and helped them as patients. 

As the organization expanded and medical advancements rushed forward, the name was changed to Jackson Orthopaedic Foundation, reflecting a broader approach to serving its mission of improving lives of people with orthopedic conditions.

After the sudden death of Dr. Mac Reynolds in 2006, Jackson Orthopaedic Foundation took some time to grieve and re-group. With help from the Board of Directors and continuing support of dedicated donors and supporters, research and education continued on a limited basis until a new Medical Director and Executive Director were brought in, and strategic planning and reorganization was put in place.

Today the work of Jackson Orthopedic Foundation (JOF) is rapidly growing again. Hundreds of participants have benefited from our education programs. Thanks to our donors and supporters, we are now reaching out to the public and healthcare providers with new programs to improve patient care and education. Two of our Board members are currently conducting a research study as part of their doctoral program in nursing at Samuel Merritt University. 

Jackson Orthopedic Foundation invites you to support our work as we discover what the future holds for improving people's lives.