Mission, Vision & Values


MIssion: The mission of JOF is to improve the lives of people with musculoskeletal conditions through education, research, and service.
Vision: JOF is the Bay Area's pre-eminent resource for information, collaboration, and innovation affecting musculoskeletal health and common orthopedic conditions.
JOF strives to apply the following values to all of its organizational endeavors:
Consciousness: our actions are consistent with our mission and vision
- We are responsible for making informed decisions that further our mission 
- We are reliable - we do what we say we will do
- We are transparent in all of our communications and transactions
Community – we create productive relationships wherever we teach, learn, and serve.
- We respect the strengths, priorities, and needs of others 
- We collaborate at all levels with individuals of varied backgrounds who share our goals
- We express gratitude for all support we receive    
Curiosity – we promote learning as the basis of continuous improvement  
- We support inquiry at all stages of personal, professional and organizational development     
- We apply rigor to our acquisition, evaluation, and transfer of new knowledge
- We practice intellectual generosity in our personal communication, teaching, mentoring, and publishing
Camaraderie – we make learning and working together enjoyable and memorable 
- We maintain a healthy balance between work and rewards
- We encourage spontaneity, creativity, humor, and innovation in all our efforts
- We promote lifelong friendships based on positive interactions and shared accomplishments