Orthopedic Primary Care (OPC) 2.0

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OPC: Musculoskeletal Skills & Procedures

Joint Injections, Aspirations, Splinting, and Casting

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OPC: Lower Extremity & Inflammatory Conditions

Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Arthritis and Gout

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Orthopedic Primary Care

Self-Paced Web Series: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine & Skill - with Hands-On Workshops.

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OPC: Spine, Metabolic Conditions & Imaging

Spine, Osteoporosis, X-rays, and MRIs

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OPC: Upper Extremity & Pediatrics

Arm, Shoulder, Wrist, and Pediatric Trauma

Preparing clinicians to diagnose and manage common musculoskeletal conditions in primary care settings.


OPC focuses on non-surgical approaches to managing stable acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions with an emphasis on:

  •     Managing pain
  •     Maximizing function
  •     Preventing injury
  •     Slowing disease progression


Enrollment in OPC is open to:

  •     Nurse Practitioners
  •     Currently enrolled NP and DNP students
  •     Clinical Nurse Specialists
  •     Physician Assistants
  •     Primary Care Physicians
  •     Advanced Primary Care Providers


The OPC Program includes four separate self-paced Courses that can be taken in any order and begun at any time.

Click on titles for more specific information about individual course content.
*Date of initial offering; online content will become available on this date.


80 CEUs per Course (65 hours of self-paced online learning and 15 hours hands-on).  Each Course is comprised of:

  • Musculoskeletal Fundamentals—a brief overview of basic concepts related to musculoskeletal care.
  • Online readings, videos, assignments, and evaluations covering MSK conditions specific to the course topic.
  • Workshop—15 hours of skills coaching using simulation, case studies, and problem-based learning.
  • Workshops cover specialized exams, x-ray interpretation, treatment plan development, and clinical procedures.

All online assignments for an OPC Course must be completed before attending the corresponding Workshop.
CEUs for the course are awarded upon completion of the workshop.



Each Workshop is currently offered once each year in Oakland, California, in the months listed below.
(Click here for specific dates)


The entire OPC Program (4 Courses) costs $1,750.00.  Individual Courses cost $500.00 each.

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Or for additional information, read More FAQs about the OPC Program.  Or sign up for our 1 hour webinar Introduction to Orthopedic Primary Care which gives you an overview of the research on which the OPC program is based---and 1 CEU credit for attendance. For background on the program's origins in JOF research and the issues it seeks to address here is the seminal article(PDF), Preparing Nurse Practitioners to Provide Orthopedic Primary Care published in the September 2014 issue of the Journal for Nurse Practitioners.