Have you ever dreamed of a career in healthcare? Or perhaps you’re intending on a career in medicine but want to explore a specialty like orthopedics? Our intern program is an exciting and rewarding way to explore this increasingly important field; as our population ages, orthopedics will continue to be a rapidly growing field with a high demand for trained doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to treat patients effectively and promote quality of life. 
Our Summer Intern Program provides an opportunity for college students to explore multidisciplinary health care professions by shadowing practicing providers. Prerequisites for the program include an interest in a career in the medical field and one completed year of college education. The program provides an immersion experience in the day-to-day jobs of a variety of health care providers, including exposure to research and health care education.
We’ll be accepting internship applications through May 31st for our 2018 Internships. Access our application form here.