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2018 Interns: Splinting

The Jackson Orthopedic Foundation Healthcare Immersion Program is designed to provide college students with a clinical immersion experience in healthcare. The 6-week program provides our interns with the opportunity to explore various health fields while shadowing experienced providers as they treat patients.

In 2018, eight interns took part in the program. We paired the interns with 20 preceptors who graciously donated their time and expertise to help these students explore a career in the medical field.

Even with the preceptors’ generous contribution of time – this program still costs JOF just over $1,000 per intern.

Please show your support for this unique educational experience:

Donate $1000 – pay for an entire summer for one intern
Donate $166 – pay for one week of an intern’s summer program
Donate $33 – pay for one day of an intern’s summer program

Maggie Macy, who participated in the Summer Internship program in 2013, shared the impact it has had for her:

"This internship had a profound impact on my career. It increased my passion for the medical field. After just a few short days of shadowing a nurse practitioner, I knew that I had made the correct choice in wanting to go into the field of nursing. In addition, the internship helped me get admission to a very impacted and competitive program.

This period of time for young people can be a scary time. A program that provides college students exposure to the medical field is so important! It not only allows students to learn, but help them see many different medical professionals and have direct patient interaction. This experience gave me confidence when I started my clinical rotation in the hospital and I was able to better communicate and work with patients and their families."

If you’re interested, you can set up a fundraiser for JOF through everydayhero – This website allows you to set up a fundraising event or activity to support JOF. To get started, visit the website and click "Start now" and select " Jackson Orthopedic Foundation " as your charity.